Ivan Cordoba is an award-winning visual artist and filmmaker based in New York City. Some of his works have been screened at art centers and international festivals such as the Venice Biennale and Cannes Festival, and featured on specialized media such as Adweek. He’s worked for top global brands and companies including Maserati, De Beers, Mercedes-Benz, Ports 1961, L’Oréal Paris and National Geographic, and collaborated with such artists as world-class photographer Christopher Makos, close friend and colleague of Andy Warhol.

His work as a filmmaker is conformed by a considerable trajectory editing, shooting and directing films, commercial and commissioned work, and documentaries in diverse environments around the world in places such as Burundi (Africa), Macau (China), Dominican Republic, Spain and the USA. He’s worked in a corporate environment creating video projects for brands and companies, combining this activity with his other facet as an author-filmmaker.