Macau Blues

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‘Macau Blues’ is an excerpt from the documentary feature ‘Christopher Makos, The Cabinet of Kong’.

‘Christopher Makos, The Cabinet of Kong’ is a documentary feature film about world-class photographer Christopher Makos shot in Macau, China.

On November 24, 2013 The Venetian Sands Macao was the venue for the biggest professional boxing match ever held in China. Makos was commissioned to photograph formal portraits of the headliners and other VIP guests in a complete studio set up.

The film narrates not only the process of creation of these portraits, but Makos’s constant evolution as an artist in the context of his vast and prominent career, including exclusive original Super 8 footage by Andy Warhol.

Written and directed by Ivan Cordoba.
Executive producer, Christopher Makos.
Produced by Peter Wise.

Cinematography and Editing by Ivan Cordoba.
Assistant producer, Enrique Pastor.

‘Evidence of Things Unseen’ by Salomon Ligthelm.
‘Migratory Patterns’ by Lowercase Noises.

  • Date: May, 2015
  • Client: Christopher Makos
  • Filed under: as Cinematographer, as Director, Film
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